What We Do

RiNo Tokyo is a brand with multiple operations related to art and designs. 


Our primary focus is on original character designs, created by Isso Oka, that we then license out for other  businesses to use in surface designs, etc. 


We also design and create elegant fashion clothing and accessories that incorporate antique kimono fabric as an integral part of the finished product.


We are excited to share our creativity, sense of beauty, and old-world appreciation by way of our character designs and products.

​Haute Couture 

garments and bags,

"Luxury Kimono"

Our original character 

​design brand,



We have developed our own original designs/fashion brands; one of our brands (Luxury Kimono by Rino Tokyo) uses vintage kimono fabrics that we transform into kimono dresses, jackets, and bags. All are one-of-a-kind pieces or else are limited edition, made using vintage kimono fabrics, each of which is rich with its own personal history. The concept for Luxury Kimono by Rino Tokyo is a sustainable fashion brand that is eco-friendly, and which up-cycles pre-existing, unique kimono fabrics and designs.  All kimonos we utilize are made of genuine silk, and were produced Japan using only the most luxurious silk fabrics. 

"Kawaii" character

A key concept of our casual brand, "Kawaii" is for healing through the arts.  We hope our designs can bring smiles and happiness to those living in our current fast-paced world.


The term "Kawaii" (our brand name in Japanese, which is simply translated as ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’) is used in a variety of  ways in our day-to-day lives in Japan. We often use the term as an expression of arousing emotions about something nice or ‘cool’.  If I were to draw an image to go with the word "Kawaii", it would be probably a round circle with airy delicate soft texture in a pale pink color.  


According to Oxford dictionary, one definition of "Kawaii" in Japanese says "The quality of being cute, or items that are cute”.  Another dictionary refers to "Kawaii" as “denoting a Japanese artistic and cultural style that emphasizes the quality of cuteness, using bright colors and characters with a childlike appearance“.


The adorable yet refined warm-hearted characters of our “Kawaii” brand, as illustrated by Isso OKA, consist of more than 300 unique designs.  Unfortunately, we cannot display some of the popular characters and designs here on the web-site,  however, we are more than happy to send them to you upon request.


we would love to discuss any joint projects you may be interested in relating to collaboration and ‘image licensing’.  Following are some examples:


Isso OKA character licensing business or collaboration for surface designs, textile designs, wrapping paper designs, wall paper designs (samples can be seen here), interior decorations, publishing illustration on children’s books, magazines, and leaflets, 

apparel designs for children, pets and T-shirts (samples are here),  design consultant, 

custom order illustration upon client's request.  


In addition to our character image licensing business and collaboration requests mentioned above, exhibiting the artwork of “Kawaii” characters in the atmosphere of a  medical clinic, hospital or nursing home could be another idyllic collaboration.   Many of our clients who have purchased our “Kawaii” goods said they feel relieved by the “Kawaii” characters.

Our goal is to share our “Kawaii” characters with others through various products and services! 


We do believe that these Kawaii characters will be a source of power for connecting people, society, animals, and the planet as a whole. 


Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiry or question


One of a kind Luxury piece   ​Possessing Japanese History


The story of my brand is perfectly represented by an egg for three reasons.


  First, eggs are a symbol for being reborn or revived. These vintage kimonos will be transformed into something special and meaningful, providing new life and purpose.


  Second, eggs stand for energy. Every morning, I eat eggs to prepare myself for the long days ahead. With these revived kimonos, it is my hope that you will feel the spirit of the kimono and allow its previous lives and experiences to energize you.


  The third reason is the shape and texture of an egg. In Japanese culture, circles denote good fortune and bring luck into your life; in fact, my name, Rino, is based on the same meaning. Although kimonos were originally made for the Japanese people, my hope is that through RiNo Tokyo, these kimonos will circle the planet and pass from culture to culture.


  Finally, the smooth surface of an egg denotes purity. It is my hope that all those who buy a RiNo Tokyo bag will have a bright and fruitful life to come.  

  Rino is passionate about the Kimonos and feels strongly that these bags will serve as a cultural bridge between people and countries. She has been collecting vintage kimonos since 2014 and genuinely believes that kimonos and their motifs are the most beautiful fabrics she has seen in her extensive world travels. 

Chrysanthemum Haute Couture
Chrysanthemum Haute Couture

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Iris Haute Couture
Iris Haute Couture

with one of a kind luxury crane embroidered bags with leather puller.

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Stunning lacquer vintage Kimono
Stunning lacquer vintage Kimono

Hand painted by Japanese craftsmanship long time ago

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Chrysanthemum Haute Couture
Chrysanthemum Haute Couture

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© RiNo Tokyo


The concept of the Kimono collection is to connect people across countries, across continents, and across cultures. Many of these kimonos can be traced back over a hundred years and have known many different owners.

The customer by RiNo Tokyo will possess a piece of living history, one that will connect them to an older era.


Just like the skilled artisans who created these original kimonos a hundred years ago, RiNo Tokyo Bags are reviving and repurposing that kimono art to make it relevant and fashionable in the current time.

​Journey till now

IMG_8437 (1).jpg

​Who is Rino

  Rino is an internationally known art-curator. Through her extended world travels, she has realized that she is an “old soul” with a deep appreciation for history and culture, particularly coming to appreciate her own “Golden Jipangu” (what a European explorer, Marco Polo, first named Japan). 

  Japan is a unique and refined, but also disciplined, culture unlike any other.

  Rino was unhappy with the fading kimono culture in the face of modern IT and the “go go go” world we all live in now.


  The Kimono Bag project is an effort to preserve not just the delicate silk motifs, but also the emphasis on fine craftsmanship and appreciation for a beautiful tradition.



  Many of these kimonos have been neglected, a reflection of the fast-paced changes we see in our reality today.

  Manufacturers prefer to mass produce items and avoid using such complicated and delicate fabrics as silk kimonos are made from, but not RiNo Tokyo.


  That is one of the main reasons Rino has persisted in the vintage Kimono. Despite the difficult and complicated process of seeking out kimonos and manufacturing the bags, Rino feels dedicated to preserving this tradition which emphasizes beauty, quality, culture and nature.  


Living History

  Even the kimonos that are worn and stained are only enhanced by their imperfections. These pieces of living history have been worn and treasured by others already. Many of them have survived WWII and the extensive bombing Japan experienced during that time.


  Now Rino is taking this living history and transforming it in a way that the beautiful silk kimonos can still be used and worn in accordance with today’s fashions and across every culture. 



  Throughout history, kimonos have served as a primary source of income for money. A coveted trading item, people placed a very high value on kimonos and their fine silk materials.


  As a child, Rino’s mother told stories of purposely deconstructing kimonos into smaller pieces of fabric for sale in order to afford food. 

Having trouble choosing the right bag for a special occasion? 

Having trouble choosing the right bag for a special occasion? 


RiNo Tokyo bags are one-of-a-kind works of art made using vintage kimono fabrics. Each bag is custom-made and combined with high-quality leather per your specifications. A Kimono Bag is unique and adaptable, making it the perfect choice for every occasion. 


What is so wonderful about the Kimono Bag? Let us count the ways!:

Attention – Fine Print!

  These are vintage kimonos, which means they have lived full lives and been places we may never know.


  Some of the fabrics are very old and rare, which means they have some imperfections. Occasionally, the colors may be effected, there could be stains, or there could be some light smells with your vintage fabric. Though we do try our best to utilize the best parts of each kimono, there is the possibility for the fabric used to be less than pristine. However, because this is such an immersive customer experience, all of this will be fully and openly communicated to you before you settle on a final kimono fabric. 


  If you do choose and receive a bag using an imperfect fabric, you will be made fully aware of this fact before you order. But in these cases, we cannot accept any returns or complaints based on a knowing and accepting purchase because the bag will have been fully customized to your specifications already. Again, RiNo Tokyo is all about ensuring your satisfaction throughout the entire process, so everything will be communicated fully.